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poetry & propaganda

I write a lot of poetry, but I rarely organize my poems into something coherent. But here's some of my attempts in doing so: - Songe de plusieurs nuits d'été (2018, 78p.) - HIER DEMAIN (2020, 38p.) - fukuro (Visual poetry, 2020, 10p.) - TO RULE AGAINST THE MACHINE (Visual poetry, 2020, 16p.) - zine pour luca (printemps 2022, 20p.) And here's the propaganda, mostly zines to help you get radicalized and thriving: - how to get your shit together on this capitalist hellscape (2021, 18p.) -> about WORK (survival guide) - POUR UNE SORCELLERIE POLITIQUE ANTICAPITALISTE (2023, 8p.) -> about WITCHCRAFT & POLITICS